The Political Construction of Brazil

2017. An encompassing analysis of Brazil’s society, economy and politics since the Independence. A national-dependent interpretation. Three historical cycles of the relation state-society: State and Territorial Integration Cycle (1822-1929), Nation and Development Cycle (1930-1977) and Democracy and Social Justice Cycle (1977-2010). Crisis since then. (Book: Lynne Rienner Publishers)

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Macroeconomia Desenvolvimentista

2016. With José Luis Oreiro e Nelson Marconi. Our more complete analysis of Developmental Macroeconomics – the central economic theory within New Developmentalism. (book)

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Clarita, Claritinha, Clá (Website, 05.01.04)

Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

Escrito para ser lido no Natal de 2003.

Hommage to my mother, Clarita, dead in 1990. Written to be read by the family in the 2003 Christmas. Includes four testimonies.

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